Thursday, 1 August 2013

Fill you house for free?

Hi there!
Has anyone else been watching Kirstie Alsopps new show Fill Your House for Free?  

It's a fantastic show, the idea being that they are teaching people how to find free stuff for their homes and either refurbish or upcycle the prices so that they look fab.

Since we have moved into our new home, I've picked up a few free pieces, over the next few weeks I'm hoping to show you how I've recycled them to suit our home.

One question people have been asking me this week is 'how do you find free stuff'.  I thought I'd like to answer that here.  First place I start is by mentioning what I'm looking for to people I know, friends and family are an amazing source for free stuff.  I've gotten a free bookcase from someone in work and a cabinet from my aunt.  Before you worry that people will think your begging, remember how you feel when you're clearing out, it's so good to have someone take it off your hands.

Then I look on look gumtree and freecycle, people give loads of free stuff away because it's easier than trying to organise selling it or taking it to the skip themselves.  

I was really inspired this beautiful table on southern hospitality, it's an old window frame turned into a coffee table.



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