Sunday, 18 August 2013

Thirty, flirty and fabulous

ThI'm not sure how anyone else feels about being in their 30's but sometimes I find it difficult to balance how I dress.  I worry something makes me look too young or worse too old.

I wanted to share some tips with you all that I found helpful.  Don't worry I'm not saying you have to lose the sense of style you developed in your twenties, but it's nice for your style to mature along with you.

1. Start with a wardrobe clearout
     It's time to get rid of the items in your wardrobe that make you look childish, immature or    

2.  Be confident
     You still look fabulous! You didn't stop being a confident,gorgeous women because you     had another birthday.

3.  Take care of yourself
      Get regular haircuts, give yourself a manicure, keep your skin exfoliate and moisturiser.

4.  Buy some classics
     Invest in some classic pieces of clothing, bootleg jeans, a blazer, a beautiful pair of boots.  Then dress them up with amazing accessories, some patterns and gorgeous jewellery.

5. Think about fit
     It's important not to wear poorly fitting clothing, no matter how much you spend on something if it doesn't fit well then it's going to look cheap.

I look to celebrities of my own age for inspirations,  just think of Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, Anna Paquin, or Sophia Bush,  they look elegant and stylish and completely individual.


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