Monday, 29 July 2013

Five Favourite Things....Songs To Make You Smile

A make-you-smile-and-have-a-boogie playlist.

Is it just me or did we have a long winter this year?
It felt like forever until sunshine hit our shores! Thankfully when it did it was utterly fabulous, I don't remember the last time we had such a prolonged spell of warm dry weather. It definitely made it a lot easier to get up in the morning, get things done and then go have some fun. Sometimes I find it really difficult
to get motivated when its grey and gloomy outside.

These photo's were taken on a walk around our local park.

We joke that our dog Fudge is solar powered because he just loves the sun. 
We let him loose in the dog run and he just wanted to sunbathe!

These pretty flowers are from my Grandfathers garden. 

Sadly Little Miss Sunshine has disappeared and we have crazy thunder, lightening and torrential rain in her place....agh! Makes me want to hide under the covers all day long.

 So until the sun comes back to visit us (please let it be soon) the best way I know to get rid of a funk and put a smile on my face is to put on some music and turn it up loud.
 (There may also be dancing around the kitchen....
and the living room
....and possibly a shimmy up the stairs.)

So here are my five favourite songs right at this moment that bring a little sunshine to my world. 
Some are new-ish, some not so much, all are awesome. Enjoy!


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