Monday, 5 August 2013

How to be more creative

8 ways to be more creative

I've been thinking a lot this week about creativity, or the lack thereof.  I have been suffering from a block of sorts.  Partly because I've been feeling unwell and been extremely busy at work.  What I'm really interested in is how to get through it to the other side.  I'm relying on the things that have always got me through before.  I thought I would share some of them with you.  

1.  Spend time with friends 

2. Spend time alone

( I know these two ideas are the opposite but bear with me.  Sometimes we need to bounce ideas off each other, to be inspired by others, and to relax and forget about the creative block.   Other times, it's important to spend time alone, with space to think and allow ideas  to develop )

3.  Keep a scrapbook - it doesn't really matter if its real or digital but it its invaluable when you need inspiration.   I love Pinterest but I also keep a selection of my favourite magazines to have a flick through when i need a few ideas.

4.  Practice, practice, practice - sometimes the only way to get through a creative block is to work through it, ideas can pop up half way through a project.  

5.  Keep a notebook - ideas come at any time, you need to be prepared otherwise they can float away and you've lost them.

6.  Take a walk - nature is inspiring, a beautiful sunset, autumn leaves,  the first footprints in crisp white snow,  any of these things could spark off your creativity again.

7.  Take care of yourself - I'm not sure about anyone else but I always feel more creative when I'm not stressed, tired and hungry.  

8.  Tidy your workspace - before I start a new project,  I think its important to clear my desk off and start afresh.  

Does anyone else suffer from creative block?  Any suggestions for overcoming it?  We would love to here from you. 


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