Saturday, 10 August 2013

Five favourite things - Photography Goodies

Since we bought a new camera a couple of months ago (Canon 700d) I have been having a look around for some new goodies to go with it. 

Something I have been on the hunt for was a hand strap or hand grip. Man oh man are these babies hard to come by. There are a few plain black, fairly expensive and not very interesting ones floating around but nothing that really stood out to me. 

Then I came across this one from Photojojo. Funky, comfy and exactly the kind of thing I had in mind. Alas it was a little too expensive for me when shipping to N.I. was added. I did however notice that the branding on it said "Ciesta" so I googled it and discovered that you can buy them on ebay along with another brand named "Herringbone". Both ship from Korea and are around £30 each. I ended up buying the Herringbone for no reason other than I liked the colour of the tan leather a little better than the Ciesta version.

My camera has always spent more time in my hand than around my neck and I often felt that the neck strap was just in the way so a hand strap seemed like a better choice for me. I have to say I really like it, it fits really well, looks fantastic and the quality is great. I will do a more in-depth review with more pics when I have had it a little longer (it literally only arrived this morning!).

Other than the hand strap, I was also on the lookout for a cushy padded insert to keep my camera safe inside any handbag, as opposed to a camera bag. I've ordered this one from Rigu (fab site by the way, tons of awesome stuff on here and Andy who runs the one-man-show is really friendly and helpful). It should be here on Monday so I will do a review of it when it gets here but it looks like it could be exactly what I'm looking for. 

In order to keep my camera in good working order I have also got a few bits and bobs to make sure it stays clean and dust free. 

  • This Hama microclean cloth for getting rid of smudges on my lens and lcd screen.
  • This Giotto air blower to dislodge dust particles without having to touch the camera too much.
  • and lastly this Hama lens cleaning  pen with a brush on one end and a velvet pad on the other.
So there you go, a few things that I have had my eye on for a while that I finally got around to ordering. 
Anyone else have any good uk photography sites for funky photo goodies? I can highly recommend Rigu in the UK and Photojojo if you are across the pond in the US. Anyone else prefer a hand strap to a neck strap? 


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