Monday, 26 August 2013

Beauty Favourites Wishlist...Budget Buys Part Two

Hello again! So I'm back with part two of my favourite budget beauty buys for you guys, this time a selection of lovely little things for lips and eyes. 

First up is one of my new favourites, Nyx Butter Gloss. It comes in twelve different shades, the sassy pink below is called Strawberry Parfait. I also love Tutti Frutti, a peachy coral shade and Eclair, a pretty nude pink. These are literally like butter, so smooth, with great pigmentation and not at all sticky. 

Also one of my favorites for lips is Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter, something that has become somewhat of a cult product. These are really moisturising and deliver a semi-sheer colour with a beautiful shine.  My favourites are the gorgeous Candy Apple which is pictured below, a red-ish coral that really seems to suit me and Raspberry Pie, a sexy vivid fuchsia. 

I found the next product totally by accident, I was ordering some other bits and pieces from E.L.F, spied this and figured I'd give it a whirl...turns out its awesome! It's the Lip Exfoliator from E.L.F. It's packed full of nourishing goodness for your lips and has lots of little scrubby (totally a word...right?) bits in it to make your lips super soft and smooth. I'm crazy about this stuff, it's especially great during the winter months when my lips get dry and flaky.

On to some great products for eyes. This first one also happens to be from E.L.F, its their Essentials Eyelid Primer. I have used the Urban Decay primer in the past and to be completely honest I think this one is almost exactly the same...and at a bargain price of......wait for it......£1.50!!! They come in four shades, each with a different undertone. I have the pearl one and it works with pretty much every shade of eyeshadow. These babies sell out super quick every time they come into stock though so you need to be quick! 

Secondly I have the Wet 'N' Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells. The only place to get these in the UK is usually Amazon or Ebay and shipped from the US. I found mine on Amazon for £3 plus £3 postage which isn't too pricey. The amazing thing about these eyeshadows though is that they have almost the same buttery smoothness as Urban Decay amd MAC shadows and are really long lasting, especially if you use the Eyelid Primer above. 

The colours of the Walking in Eggshells palette are actually pretty close dupes to some of the most coveted MAC and Urban Decay shadows. The top one is a close match to Urban Decay's Virgin or MAC's Shroom, the middle one is a dead ringer for MAC's Cork and the bottom is a great dupe for MAC's Naked Lunch, Urban Decay's Sin (my holy grail eyeshadow) and actually alot like Stila's Kitten too (which is also one of my favourite ever eyeshadows). I highly recommend this little trio of fabulousness!

So now onto something that is a little easier to find on the high street. Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel that's a long title for a product. retails at £4.99 at good old Boots and comes in a bunch of colours. This stuff is amazing, it literally stays on all day. The best thing is you can use it as a base too and layer a similar coloured powder shadow on top and, trust me, it will. not. budge. On and On Bronze is a great classy bronzey brown and Eternal Pink is a pretty shimmering pink. My favourite though is the shade below Everlasting Navy, a beautiful pearly dark blue.

Staying with Miss Maybelline I also can not get enough of this next product. It's the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner and it costs £7.99 at Boots. I had never used gel liner before this one and I was worried I'd just make a total mess of it but lo and behold it was actually easier than applying liquid or kohl. Before this I used Lancome's Artliner which is really goo but honestly I think this is better, I can get a much sharper line with this and a little angled brush than I ever could with the Artliner. 


It comes in black and brown and sometimes you can find it in dark purple and grey too. I've only used the black but I think I might have a look for the brown next time I'm in Boots or Superdrug as I think it will work well for Autumn. It has a lot of great reviews so if you are considering a gel liner then I would definitely have a look at this one as it really surprised me with its smooth formula, ease of use and long lasting colour. 

Well I think that's it. My pick of the best budget beauty buys for lips and eyes. If you missed part one of Budget Beauty Buys for the face and cheeks you can check it out here.
All this chatting about beauty shopping has made me want to buy something new! 
Hope you enjoyed the post! Any questions leave a comment below and I'll get back to you :)


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