Friday, 23 August 2013

Holiday clothes

I am going on holiday in October to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I'll be visiting my sister and brother in law.  It's a great excuse to treat myself to some Autumn clothes.  Something I haven't mentioned yet is that I am a plus size woman, a UK size 20-22.  Since I had to put a lot of effort into finding clothes that make me feel fabulous, I thought I should share with you guys where I was able to find really nice things in case anyone else out there is having the same problem.

1.  Obviously need boots - I love shoes, so much easier to find!

2. New Look - they do some fabulous clothing for plus sizes, it's on trend.
                           Some of my favourites for this season are


3. Peacocks - have some really cute basics

4. Simply Be - I love this website, you can return items if they don't suit you but so far I've never had to return anything

5. Debenhams

They had a great selection especially of dresses, I've got quite a few dresses for weddings here recently.

There are a lot more places now available for plus sizes.  It just takes some effort to search for them.  Now the problem is stopping myself from spending all my money before I go on holiday.