Saturday, 13 July 2013

Summer Accessories Wishlist

Spring to me means yellow, the colour of early morning sunshine and buttercups. 

Summer however just screams coral. I love every shade of orange from hot tangerine to pretty peach but it is coral that has really stolen my heart over the past few years. Its strange, I used to hate orange...I think having naturally ginger hair made me somewhat rebel against it, especially in my teenage years. 
These days coral is everywhere, from the catwalks to interior décor and even in our beauty bags. 

As I was browsing around and window shopping for a few summery bits and bobs I realised pretty much all of it was coral. Totally unintentional but there you go, that's my odd little brain for you. 

So without further ado I present my (rather coral) Summer Accessories Wishlist!

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  • These sunglasses from Asos are a really cute spin on classic tortoiseshell wayfarers, I love the subtly rounded frames. 
  • By far the cutest case I have ever seen! I am completely in love with this case from River Island. Totally perfect for a few days away.
  • I sometimes feel that my usual watch doesn't really fit with the slightly more casual vibe of my summer clothes. This one, also from Asos, is perfect for summer, it has a whole friendship bracelet kinda thing going on and it comes in a bunch of different colours. I love the orange version (naturally) but I also think that the white version is beautiful too and will go with just about anything. 
  • These are my favourite summer shoe. They are Bensimons, a french tennis shoe that has been around for decades. Simple, chic and oh-so-comfortable.
  • Nail polish is a great way of adding colour to any outfit and bright polish never fails to lift my spirits. This has been one of my favourite polishes for a few years now. Rimmel's Coralicious is the perfect antidote to the grey skys of a typical British summer. 

Is anyone else as obsessed with coral as I am? (no? just me?)
Any favourite accessories that just scream summer?
I think I may just have to raid the penny jar and see if that watch would like to come and live with me...I'm fairly certain it would :) 


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