Monday, 8 July 2013

A little about me

So far......

I got married three months ago, this photo is really special to me because it shows the one moment in the day  when it was just us (oh and the photographer of course!).  Im learning that no matter whether its your wedding day or just a hectic week, the most important thing is to take a moment in the middle of the chaos to remember why you are there.  Its easy to get overwhelmed and forget what's important.   We moved in to our own little (rented) home just after the wedding.

I wanted somewhere to talk about all the ideas that rumble around in my head all day and the projects I want to try.  Over time I want to show you how I put my own stamp on this house even though we can't paint or decorate so I have to be even more inventive.

I love reading, crafts, diy, baking, learning new hobbies, staying up late, coffee, learning to live a simple lifestyle, peach iced tea, curling  up on the sofa with my new hubby.


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