Thursday, 4 July 2013


Hi and welcome to Magpie and Hen!

We are Cheryl and Jenny, two friends who have known each other forever, (no we're not telling you how long because it makes us feel old) and Magpie and Hen is our new little baby blog.

We decided to start a blog for a bunch of reasons.  Firstly, to have somewhere to share our creative endeavours and also to keep a record/ diary of diy disasters and successes. Secondly...well we just kinda thought it might be fun!

Cheryl just recently got married and is currently learning how to live her new life with her lovely, ever-so-patient husband. She works in retail management by day and spends her evenings and weekends reading, making jewellery and trying to put her stamp on the (oh-so-very-blank) walls of their rented home.

Jenny got married in December 2011 and lives in a little rented house with her handsome husband and her Yorkshire Terrier Fudge (who doesn't know he is a dog....not even a little bit). She spends her spare time reading magazines and crocheting and dreaming of all the lovely things she wants to do to her home but has neither the time/money/motivation to do.

We both have a passion for living a creative life and we love finding the beauty in everyday things, in our homes and in the world around us.
We hope that this blog will be a place that we can share all of that and that it will inspire us to do more, create more and enjoy more.


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