Saturday, 26 April 2014

Break time breathrough

I have taken a really long break from blogging and I couldn't figure out what was stopping me from writing until yesterday.  I was reading a few posts on Hands free Mama and I was so inspired by her attempts to live honestly that it caused my own breakthrough. 

 I realised that what I had wanted to post was beautiful, inspiring house and craft posts, with gorgeous photos.  I took the fun out of blogging and created a work/fun imbalance.   Yesterday I realised that the reason I found it so hard and couldn't get motivated was because its not me.  I love all those things but I wasn't being authentic to me.  

When Jenny and I started this blog it was because we wanted to record the beauty we see in everyday life.  

Yet I was the one person who forgot to look at my life and see the beauty in the details, the tiny little things that make me smile in a day.  

So through all of that Ive decided to use this blog to be from authentic to me, to show the real me and all the tiny details that make my life beautiful.  


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