Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Craft Room Transformation

I spent this weekend transforming the spare room into a guest/craft room.  I had a very small budget to work with so most of the pieces are things we already had.  Advance warning,  I haven't finished yet but I like to see progress on a project as people are doing it so that's what you guys are getting too.

This is what we had to work with, when we moved in, there was a lot of 
family coming to stay for the wedding so we just put in the bed and that was it.  

Now that I see the photos, I'm not sure I love the layout but it seems to
 give me the most room to work at the desk.

The oak drawers were in my husbands old bedroom so we got those when we moved

The green cabinet was given to me by my aunt when she was clearing out her garage,  it was scratched mdf and so I sanded, primed and painted it.  I used Morris Blue from Craig & Rose 1829 Acrylic Eggshell paints

I used these little ice buckets that were left over from the sweetie table at our wedding.  I plan to make labels for them so I know what is in each bucket.  

I found this desk in Auld tat in Ballymoney, they have some amazing pieces for sale.  

This beautiful doll was given to me by my mother-in-law at my wedding, she hand-knitted her dress and train.  Isn't she amazing!

So that is my little craft room, where I can hopefully create in
 peace without my craft stuff ending up all over the house.

So what do you think? Does anyone else have a craft room or closet?  
How do you manage your craft storage


  1. I LOVE this room and the furniture!! Now, all you have to do is start making some time to enjoy being in it & crafting:)